Green Bay Packers host the Seattle Seahawks


Green Bay Packers Grudge Match Against the Seattle Seahawks

Two of the top teams in the NFC clash Sunday when the Green Bay Packers host the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks have walked away with a  3-0 record in their past three games against Green Bay, including the NFC Championship Game last year. Rodgers and company face a tougher defense this Sunday, but they do get to take on the Seahawks at home. The Packers are 9-0 in their last nine games at home. The game between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks is set for Sunday, September 20, 2015, at 8:30 p.m. ET at Lambeau Field. The game will be broadcasted on NBC.

The Green Bay offense and looks like the real deal. James Jones was the replacement for Jordy Nelson, and Randall Cobb looked just fine on the outside in spite of some injury woes coming into the year. Eddie Lacy wasn’t quite as explosive looking as we remember him, but he should do well.

The Seattle defense is supposed to be an aggressive defense which forces a lot of turnovers.  Last week, Nick Foles of the Rams was awesome against this unit in his first game. Also, not having Kam Chancellor will be a the big loss. Chancellor is still holding out in search of a new contract, and he won’t be playing this week either.

The Seahawks are going to put the ball in the hands of Marshawn Lynch. The quarterback Russell Wilson should run his offense as good as he always does. This offense put up 343 yards against the Rams last week. If this is a similar game for the offense, there’s  a good chance that Seattle will win. The key is going to be staying out of third down and long situations for Wilson. He only averaged 6.1 yards per pass attempt, but he went 32-of-41 against St. Louis. That’ll be good enough to keep the chains moving and keep the Green Bay offense off the field, which is going to key for Seattle to win this one.

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49ers vs Steelers in Pittsburgh


Steelers face the 49ers, after pounding the Vikings on Monday night

The San Francisco 49ers had one of the most impressive wins in the opening week of the 2015 NFL season. San Francisco upset the Minnesota Vikings, 20-3, improving to 1-0 with a win at Levi’s Stadium. Pittsburgh faced the New England Patriots in their first game of the year, losing to the Super Bowl champs, 28-21. The Steelers are favored by 5.5 points in Week 2. The game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and San Francisco 49ers is scheduled for Sunday, September 20, 2015, at 1:00 p.m. ET at Heinz Field.

The Niners running back Carlos Hyde, who has replaced Frank Gore as San Francisco’s starter was the NFL’s leading rusher in Week 1. He totaled 168 yards on 26 carries, scoring two touchdowns. Hyde took control in the second half after Reggie Bush left the game with a calf injury. Before Hyde picked up 116 rushing yards in the final two quarters, the 49ers were struggling to move the ball. Colin Kaepernick was efficient, completing 17 of his 26 pass attempts, but he only threw for 165 yards. The Niners didn’t have a single play for more than 20 yards on the night, and Kaepernick didn’t even take a single shot down the field the entire game. The game plan was all about Carlos Hyde running the ball, something that continually happened even though the Vikings consistently put eight men in the box to defend against him.

The Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell is on suspension for one more game before he returns. Running back DeAngelo Williams was effective in Week 1 against the Patriots. DeAngelo Williams is a different type of back than Le’Veon Bell is. Bell catches more passes out of the backfield, and he is a more explosive runner. Pittsburgh made 464 yards on offense against New England a week ago. The Niners looked good allowing just three points to the Vikings in week 1. Pittsburgh has a lot stronger offense, and all players on the Niners defense are going to be called upon at all times to cover the field. San Francisco’s defense could be in for a rude awakening when they visit Pittsburgh, who can move down the field in a hurry. The 49ers will need more than just Hyde to keep up with the Steelers’ offense, and this game could get away from them if they aren’t careful.

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Adrian Peterson back for Vikings vs 49ers


Adrian Peterson Back for 49ers and Vikings Matchup on Monday

The matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and Minnesota Vikings will take place Monday, September 14, 2015, at 10:10 p.m. ET at Levi’s Stadium. The San Francisco 49ers are 3.5-point favorites.

The last time Adrian Peterson sat out an entire season, he came back and ran for 2,000 yards. He now returns from a full  year away from the game again, making him a real favorite on Monday Night Football for the Minnesota Vikings against the San Francisco 49ers.

The 49ers have had all sorts of problems in terms of defensive defections in the off season. NaVorro Bowman hasn’t played in a game in over a full season, and he is going to have no choice but to really man this 3-4 defense this season considering the fact that two of the other linebackers have retired. This secondary is also nowhere near as strong as it has been in the past, which could be problematic to get help from the second level if Peterson busts through the line of scrimmage. Peterson has posted double digits in touchdowns in every single season which he finished. He also has averaged 110.9 rushing yards per game since the start of the 2012 season.

The 49ers are going to be running a ton of rushing plays in this one, which is only going to limit the number of times that Peterson can get his hands on the ball. Minnesota winning the time of possession would be a bit of a surprise.

Even if the 49ers fall behind by a rather large margin, Colin Kaepernick takes a ton of sacks and is slow at the line of scrimmage, which will only further milk more of the clock.

It also should be noted that this is the first time that Mike Zimmer and Peterson have ever had to play together. Zimmer is a defensive guy, but this offense has been a little more aerial of late than it was when Peterson rushed for 2,097 yards in 2012.

In the end, Peterson is a tough sell on Monday Night Football. Peterson is now 30 years old, not 28, and he hasn’t been on the field in quite some time. Yes, he is a superior athlete to a lot of what we see out on the field, and if there is any back who is going to excel into his 30s in the league, this is the one.

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Super Bowl XXXVIII – Patriots vs Panthers


Patriots Advanced to Their Second Super Bowl in Three Seasons

Tom Brady Named Super Bowl MVP for Second Time in Three Years.

The Patriots had won 14 games in a row leading up to Super Bowl XXXVIII against the Carolina Panthers in Houston. The Patriots did it despite numerous injuries that resulted in a league high 87 games missed by their starters.

New England’s defensive dominance is what helped them get this far. In their previous seven games at Gillette Stadium, the Patriots had given up just three touchdowns. In Houston, the game was still scoreless late in the second quarter, which was the longest any Super Bowl had gone with no points. The Panthers had -7 yards total offense and quarterback Jake Delhomme was 1 for 9 in passing for just one yard.

The Patriots should have had the lead but the field goal kicker Adam Vinatieri missed a 31 yard field goal and had a 36 yard attempt blocked. Those missed scoring opportunities seemed large as the clock wound down toward halftime. After both teams struggled to move the ball for 25 minutes, the game changed to where both offenses took over.

Brady had the Patriots on top at halftime 14-10 by scoring a pair of 5 yard touchdown passes to Deion Branch and David Givens. The 24 points were scored during the last 3:05 of the first half. After a scoreless third quarter, the Patriots and Panthers combined to score 37 points in the fourth quarter, a Super Bowl record for the most total scoring in the final period.

With just seconds left and the score tied at 29 a piece, Patriot’s kicker Vinatieri, lined up to attempt a 41 yard field goal. He hit the field goal with four seconds left in the game. The Patriots won 32-29. The last second drama would not have been possible without the efforts of Brady. He passed for 354 yards and three touchdowns and was named Super Bowl MVP for the second time in three years.

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Super Bowl IV – Chiefs vs Vikings


Super Bowl IV (1970)
Kansas City Chiefs 23 – Minnesota Vikings 7

Super Bowl IV was played at the old Tulane Stadium in New Orleans. I love the look of the low winter sun here. Look at the dirt. The chunky helmets. Look at the referee in the back of the photo. It was almost a different sport at this point. Pro football wasn’t making any money back then.

This one-sided game, in which the 13-point-underdog Chiefs showed a haughty contempt for the NFL’s most feared defense, was the AFL’s second straight Super Bowl win, evened the championship series between the leagues at 2-2 entering the first year of total merger in 1970, and should forever quell any arguments about who’s tougher than who. This win was total redemption for the Chiefs, for the AFL and for Len Dawson the Chief’s quarterback. It was redemption for Dawson, who called a tremendous game in picking apart the Vikings in completing 12 of 17 passes for 142 yards and a touchdown.

The Chiefs challenged the Vikings highly rated defensive front four and ran at them for 151 yards. They found holes in the Minnesota zone defense as few of the NFL teams had done that season.

The Chiefs did not make a serious mistake all afternoon.  The Vikings lost their cool in this game with damaging giveaways, with passing bombs by Joe Kapp and near the finish, they threatened to settle it with fists after Alan Page had been hit with a 15-yard penalty for piling on Dawson.

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Super Bowl III – Big Upset

Super Bowl III – One of the Greatest Upsets of the Big Game!

New York Jets 16, Baltimore Colts 7

joe-namath-Super Bowl III MVP – New York Jets QB- Joe Namath

For the eighth time this season Namath won a game without completing a touchdown pass. He completed 17 of 28 throws for 206 yards although he did not toss a pass in the entire fourth quarter as he drove the humiliated Baltimore defenders to desperation with his clock consumption.

It was the Jets’ defense, best in the American Football League, which dominated the contest and chased a baffled Morrall out with 3 minutes and 58 seconds remaining in the third quarter.

The Jets intercepted four passes, three against Morrall in the second period, and Namath capitalized on the emotional pickup of the first one by taking the Jets 80 yards for a touchdown with fullback Snell hammering over from four yards out.

Video on one of american football’s top Super Bowl upset – Super Bowl III. Presented to you by Best Sports Gambling Sites

Following the Money Line on NFL and College Football

What to look for when a Sportsbook releases the Money Line on NFL and College Football

This video explains what to look for when following a NFL or College football line during a televised game and the best time to bet on NFL and college football.


Some people prefer to bet on which team will win the game without the use of the spread. This is called “betting on the money line” or “betting straight up”.

On the Patriots-Jets game you might see a money line of:

Patriots +$240

Jets -$280

The minus number goes with the favorite. That is how much you must risk on that team to win $100 of your bookie’s dough.

The plus number goes with the underdog. That is how much your bookie would wager against your $100 if you took that team.

If there is no favorite, each team is listed at -$110. For either side you must risk $110 to win $100.

Money lines can be parlayed; consult a book on sports betting for how to calculate payoff odds. (All baseball odds are money lines, so a book on betting baseball would have this for sure.)

Most shops have a fixed conversion table for spread odds to money line odds. 3-point favorites are near -$150 on the money line, touchdown favorites near -$300, and 10-point favorites near -$500. Most shops won’t have a money line on a game where the spread is more than 14 points.

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Winning at Sports Betting on NFL

Welcome to Best Sports Gambling Sites Blog!


Sports Betting on NFL

Welcome to the first in a series on NFL sports betting that will examine some of the finer points in sports betting for newcomers to the idea of trying to get the edge on the bookie. Many of the ideas will be applicable to other sports betting, but we’ll be focusing on football. Much of this stuff will be old-hat to old-timers but I hope many people will get at least a few ideas from the articles.
The video is explaining how to win at NFL betting and why the bookmaker changes the line during the betting phase.

In sports betting, line movement is complicated and these are only the basics. Detailing line movements and other things a bookie can do to even up the betting would take pages. One thing that the bookie could do instead of moving the line is to say “It’s still 6.5 but Jets bettors have to lay $11.50 to win $10 and Patriots backers can lay only $10.50 to win $10.” This is called “moving the money instead of the line”. Think about this one. It’s especially common when the line is exactly 3 points, a football winning margin that actually occurs a lot.

Why do different places have different Lines on the same game?
Suppose you have access to several bookies and you find they have different lines, like:
Bookie A: Jets by 6.5 (from the Newspaper)
Bookie B: Jets by 6
Bookie C: Jets by 7
Everybody but the bookie who blindly follows the paper is trying to balance the Jets bets with the Patriots bets. Maybe Bookie B is in Boston so he is a little lopsided on people betting for the Patriots — so he’s trying to entice Jets bettors to step up. Maybe Bookie C is in the Bronx (so he has too much money on the Jets at 6.5), and maybe some clients bet favorite teams a lot instead of underdog teams, so they’re looking for more money on the Patriots right now.

In the above example if you like the Jets you’ll take your business to Bookie B because if the Jets win by exactly 7 you’re a winner, and if the Jets win by exactly 6, it’s the only shop at which you don’t lose. If you like the Patriots, in this example Bookie C is the place to play because the Patriots get more points as a head-start there.


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